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Winnipeg Police Enhancing Security at Headquarters Building

February 17, 2022 12:23 PM | News

Winnipeg Police Headquarters

Winnipeg police headquarters, 245 Smith Street (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

Winnipeg police are increasing security and safety measures at their downtown headquarters building.

Beginning Sunday, February 20, walk-through metal detectors will be used to screen visitors at the point of entry.

“All members of the public wishing to enter the service centre area are subject to security screening,” police said in a statement. “Members of the public are not required to comply with this screening, however, those who do not, will not be allowed to enter.”

Police say the security screening will include a two-stage process:

  • Mandatory bag check and non-invasive person search using a walk-through metal detector.
  • Based on the outcome of step one, a second security screening with a handheld metal detector and/or a physical pat-down, as necessary.

The police headquarters building at 245 Smith Street has made headlines recently for a number of incidents, including a man attempting to light himself on fire in the lobby, another man who rammed the building with his vehicle, and last spring, where a man entered wearing body armour carrying a BB gun and a knife.

Police say the new security measures are similar to those in place upon entry to the Law Courts building, airports and large special event venues.