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Funding Boost for Provincial Quit Smoking Program

February 22, 2022 11:10 AM | News

Quit Smoking

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WINNIPEG — The province is investing $300,000 in a program to help Manitobans quit smoking.

The financial boost to the Tobacco Quit Card and Counselling Program will be spread out among all regional health authorities.

“Quitting smoking is a complicated process that can take many tries. We want to support all Manitobans to quit smoking by providing resources and counselling, which will support their health and well-being,” said Mental Health and Community Wellness Minister Sarah Guillemard.

Shared Health manages the program, which targets lower-income individuals who wish to quit smoking. The province says the additional funding will expand access to nicotine replacement therapy to people throughout rural and northern Manitoba and support more Manitobans.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, smoking is the most significant risk factor for cancer, causing about 45,000 deaths per year.