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City Preparing to End Mask, Vaccine Requirements

February 23, 2022 3:18 PM | News

City Hall

City Hall, 510 Main Street (CITY OF WINNIPEG / TWITTER)

WINNIPEG — The City of Winnipeg plans on lifting its indoor mask mandate in city facilities and on Winnipeg Transit buses on March 15 to align with new provincial public health orders.

Along with the removal of the mask requirement, the province will revoke the need to show proof of vaccination to attend some businesses and public venues on March 1.

The city’s chief administrative officer, Michael Jack, said on Wednesday the city is planning “for these two eventualities and their potential impacts on our programs, services, and operations.”

In a release, the city said it anticipates that it will lift both the mask mandate and proof of vaccine requirement to enter city facilities and to participate in programs. However, wearing a mask in such settings will still be strongly encouraged.

“While it would be our preference to maintain a mandatory mask requirement for members of the public independent of the anticipated provincial orders, it’s just not feasible,” said Jack. “We do not have the resources to properly enforce it, nor do we want to put our employees in potentially confrontational situations.”

Mandatory mask use will continue for city employees for the foreseeable future.

The city also said the mandatory testing program for its employees who have not provided proof of vaccination or were granted an exemption or accommodation would end.

Approximately 97 percent of front-line city staff who have ongoing contact with vulnerable residents have been fully vaccinated.