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Pork – An Ingredient for a Healthier Tomorrow

March 1, 2022 7:05 AM | News

The following is a sponsored advertorial on behalf of Manitoba Pork.

Manitoba Pork

Nutrition Month is celebrated every March throughout Canada to create awareness of the importance of developing healthy eating habits through informed food choices. This year’s theme, “Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow” encourages Canadians to not only consider the wholesomeness of individual foods, but how those food choices impact the greater community and planet. With a keen focus on the future, Manitoba pork producers use technological advancements to produce pork that is of the highest quality while preserving our natural resources and remaining cost-effective.

Manitoba pork producers protect the land and water we all depend on while ensuring a consistent, reliable supply of Canadian pork. Thanks to new technology and evolving science-based best practices, the carbon footprint for a kilogram of pork has been reduced by one third over the past 50 years. The total reduction of all natural resources is estimated to be down by about 50 percent in that same timeframe, meaning that modern pork production emits far fewer greenhouse gases and uses much less water than a generation ago.

Manitoba Pork

In addition to being more sustainably produced, today’s pork is leaner and of higher nutritional value than decades past. Every bite provides high-quality protein energy, and key vitamins and minerals, including many of the nutrients recommended by Health Canada. Its versatility is unsurpassed—pork is perfect for delivering diverse and enticing flavour combinations and is the basis for many favourite dishes from cultures around the world. Pork’s versatility also offers an endless variety of cuts to suit all cooking styles, making meal planning and preparation easy and fun. Manitobans have access to some of the most affordable pork in the world thanks to our ability to produce on a large scale.

Manitoba Pork

As global demand for food continues to rise, Manitoba pork producers are proud to provide the ingredients for success for today and tomorrow. Maintaining access to healthy and affordable food while dramatically lowering food production’s environmental footprint is essential for our future. With pork as a sustainable, high-quality protein source in Manitoba and around the world, we can continue on a path to a healthier tomorrow.

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