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Manitoba Giving Municipalities $15M for Road Repair

May 9, 2022 1:46 PM | News


WINNIPEG — The province is injecting $15 million into road repairs across 137 Manitoba municipalities.

The one-time grant program will provide financial support for road reconstruction, rehabilitation and preservation projects, including nearly $9 million going toward Winnipeg’s crumbling roads.

“After one of the snowiest winters on record and a freeze/thaw cycle that is finally letting up in May, Winnipeggers are now facing a pothole season like no other,” said Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman.

“With a forecasted shortfall of over $56 million in the City of Winnipeg budget as a result of pandemic impacts, this is a welcome funding announcement from the Province of Manitoba to help with the pothole issues being felt across the province. This funding would build on another historic road construction season in Winnipeg of $164.7 million.”

The province says the funding is in addition to the disaster assistance municipalities could receive due to excessive flooding.

Kam Blight, president of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, applauds the additional infrastructure funding.

“As municipal roads connect local communities and support economic growth, these additional dollars help underscore the importance of long-term predictable funding to properly maintain and protect municipal infrastructure within our communities,” said Blight.

The province says the multi-million-dollar grant is equivalent to a five percent increase in the operating and infrastructure funding support municipalities receive annually.