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Gillingham Pledges to Cost Out Campaign Promises

May 16, 2022 10:03 AM | News

Mayoral candidate Scott Gillingham says he will include cost estimates on all his campaign promises.

The St. James councillor, who has registered to run for mayor, says inflation is a large risk to the city’s budget – as much as the COVID pandemic was.

“If you examine what’s driving Canadian inflation right now, city budgets are exposed to inflation on at least four fronts,” said Gillingham, including labour costs, vehicle prices, gas and construction.

Gillingham says the pandemic cost about 5 per cent of the city’s budget in lost revenues and unexpected costs, and with inflation currently at 6.7 per cent, the budget will be affected.

“I believe the City needs to make new and strategic investments in 2023 and beyond – so today I’m pledging that I will have a cost estimate for all my commitments to voters, with details on how we can pay for each, before advance voting begins on October 3rd.”

Gillingham challenged other mayoral candidates to do the same.

Winnipeg’s civic election is on Oct. 26. There are currently eight candidates registered to run for mayor.