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CMHR Washrooms to Become Gender Inclusive

May 17, 2022 9:41 AM | News

The washrooms at the CMHR are now gender-inclusive.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights says they are making all washrooms gender-inclusive.

All the national museum’s washrooms will now list the amenities inside each space and will not have a gender designation, says Haran Vijayanathan, director of equity and growth.

“This approach will allow people to make choices based on their needs and not force them to comply with a binary system of gender to which they may not subscribe,” he says.

“This is also an important shift for parents and caregivers, who can now go into any washroom to provide support without worrying they are in the ‘wrong’ space.”

Vijayanathan says updates to the washrooms will be completed in phases, starting with signage.

All washrooms will now have free menstrual products available, he added.

Single-occupancy washrooms will remain available throughout the CMHR for those would prefer that option, says Vijayanathan.