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Rural Highway Tops CAA Manitoba’s ‘Worst Road’

May 24, 2022 12:31 PM | News

Provincial Road 307

A section of Provincial Road 307 is shown on Friday, May 20, 2022. (ELISHA DACEY / CAA MANITOBA)

It’s the first time CAA Manitoba has crowned a rural road to be the so-called “winner” in the organization’s annual Worst Roads campaign.

Provincial Road 307 was front and centre Tuesday as officials with the automobile association unveiled the top 10 roads to make the abominable list.

“This is the first time a rural road has made the top of our list,” said Heather Mack, manager, government and community services with CAA Manitoba.

“But it’s not a surprise — more rural roads have been making our top 10 list as the annual contest goes on.”

PR 307, for those unfamiliar, connects Seven Sisters Falls through Whiteshell Provincial Park, which is currently experiencing unprecedented flooding.

An area resident living near Otter Falls told CAA the province has erected warning signs on parts of the roadway due to heaving.

“It just comes up and if you aren’t careful, you go flying,” the resident said in a release.

Two Winnipeg streets follow for the second and third spots, respectively, with Saskatchewan Avenue and Waller Avenue receiving the dubious honours.

Provincial Trunk Highway 34 in Pilot Mound/Crystal City and Brandon’s 18th Street round out the top five.

However, the campaign wasn’t all about potholes or heaving. Manitobans had the opportunity to nominate roadways that lacked active transportation paths or safe and accessible access, those with poor or no signage, or bad design and poor maintenance.

“This contest provides a snapshot of what Manitobans are experiencing out on our roads. We are pleased to see some of the usual roads on our list get moved down or fall off as local governments take action,” added Mack.

“We are here to advocate for the safest roads possible for Manitobans – no matter whether they drive, bike, use transit or walk.”

Top 10 worst roads in Manitoba

 1. Provincial Road 307 6. Provincial Trunk Hwy 44, Lockport to Whiteshell
2. Saskatchewan Avenue, Winnipeg 7. Leila Avenue, Winnipeg
3. Waller Avenue, Winnipeg 8. Kenaston Boulevard, Winnipeg
4. Provincial Trunk Hwy 34, Pilot Mound/Crystal City 9. Dawson Road North, Winnipeg
5. 18th Street, Brandon 10. Goulet Street, Winnipeg