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Manitobans Earn $1M in Latest Round of Tourism Rebates

June 6, 2022 2:39 PM | News

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More than 10,600 Manitobans took advantage of a tourism rebate program in May and spent $2.33 million on staycations in the process.

The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce’s Tourism Rebate Incentive Program (TRIP) ran in three phases, including twice in 2021, as a way to spur the local economy amid a spending slowdown during the pandemic.

“TRIP 2022 was a resounding success, helping to stimulate an atypical level of tourism spending prior to the May long weekend,” said Chuck Davidson, president and CEO, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

“When combined with the two TRIP phases we delivered in 2021, close to 33,000 Manitobans took advantage of the program, resulting in a significant economic impact estimated at more than $20 million for Manitoba’s beleaguered tourism and hospitality industries. That’s a return on investment of more than 6 to 1.”

All three phases of the program delivered $7.8 million in hotel and attraction spending, generating an estimated economic boost of more than $16.8 million. The average TRIP participant spent approximately $510.

Those who booked a staycation at any number of participating Manitoba hotels and resorts between May 6-16 received a $100 rebate cheque. Travellers received a total of $3.2 million returned to them during all three phases of the program, including $1 million during the most recent instalment in May.