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New Resources for Manitobans Experiencing Long COVID

June 15, 2022 10:51 AM | News

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New resources are now available for Manitobans experiencing long COVID or post-COVID-19 conditions.

Shared Health published information Wednesday on self-help tools and resources to assist people in overcoming their illnesses.

“Many Manitobans are feeling the effects of COVID long after they have had the disease, and this can have a negative impact in their lives beyond just feeling sick,” said Dr. Eberhard Renner, Shared Health’s provincial medical specialty lead for medicine.

“Making it easier for these individuals to connect with the supports they need to address their symptoms will allow them to better manage their illness and, hopefully, recover more quickly.”

Dr. Cornelia van Ineveld, a geriatrician and co-lead of the provincial long COVID working group, says there are resources to help manage the most common symptoms including fatigue and weakness, shortness of breath, brain fog and mental health conditions, as well as resources created specifically for children and teens.

“There are also links to virtual courses on topics like mindfulness, nutrition and physical activity,” said van Ineveld.

Manitobans with long COVID or post-COVID-19 conditions are typically treated by their primary care provider, who may then refer patients to specialists when symptoms are more serious.

The resources can be accessed through the Shared Health website.