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Manitoba Establishing Adult Epilepsy Surgery Program

June 27, 2022 10:30 AM | News

Health Sciences Centre - HSC

Health Sciences Centre (FILE)

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government will spend $2.5 million annually to establish a new adult epilepsy surgery program in the province, as well as expand the existing pediatric program.

Approximately 50 epilepsy surgeries will be completed per year once the program becomes fully operational, including 20 adult and 30 pediatric cases.

The program, including surgeries, will be run at Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg.

“For patients with epilepsy, surgery can provide significant lifestyle improvements while reducing their ongoing health-care needs,” said Dr. Shawn Young, chief operating officer, HSC Winnipeg.

“Having a comprehensive epilepsy program will advance the level of care available in our province, making it easier for patients to overcome what can be a debilitating condition. This is a very significant investment that will improve the lives of patients, strengthen neurology services and improve health care in Manitoba.”

The program’s establishment is being supported by the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, which is contributing $1.2 million to purchase a robotic stereotactic assistance guidance system.

The adult epilepsy surgery program is expected to commence next spring, pending the successful recruitment of a neurosurgeon.