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Winnipeg Man Charged in 3D-Printed Gun Investigation

July 14, 2022 1:03 PM | News

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A Winnipeg man has been charged following an investigation over the illegal importation of parts to make a 3D-printed gun.

The Canada Border Services Agency notified Winnipeg police on November 3, 2021, about goods believed to be used to assemble a 3D-printed gun were destined for a Winnipeg address.

In April of this year, police learned the suspect also attempted to buy firearms parts in Calgary using the disguised identity of another person. During the same month, the same suspect is also believed to have purchased firearms parts from someone in Montreal using a disguised identity.

Between April and May, police say these parts were assembled to create a 3D-printed gun and trafficked to a third party.

Police executed a search warrant at a Winnipeg home and seized the gun.

On June 25, police and CBSA officers searched a home in the 100 block of Prevette Avenue, where they seized various 3D-printed gun parts and compatible ammunition.

“Assembling a homemade firearm from illegally-imported parts violates the Criminal Code and the Customs Act,” said Jeryn Peters, director, intelligence and enforcement operations division, Prairies region, with the Canada Border Services Agency.

“Offences such as these can result in significant jail time. The CBSA is determined to work with partners to protect communities across Canada from the dangers of illegal firearms.”

Blake Ellison-Crate, 24, has been charged with numerous offences and remains in custody.