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Accessibility Mats Added to More Manitoba Beaches

July 30, 2022 9:00 AM | News

Beach Mobility Mats

Manitoba Parks is placing more beach mobility mats in provincial parks over the next two years. (@MBGOVPARKS / TWITTER)

Manitoba Parks has added several beach mobility mats to popular seasonal destinations in the province.

The mats allow for easier access to the waterfront for wheelchairs, strollers and other mobility aids.

The province will spend more than $87,000 this year to expand the number of beaches where the mats will be installed.

Two additional mobi-mats have been placed at Birds Hill beach, with more to follow at Bakers Narrows, Big Whiteshell, Hecla Provincial Park and Wellman Lake in Duck Mountain Provincial Park.

The non-slip mats were first introduced in Manitoba at Birds Hill and St. Malo provincial parks in recent years.