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New Swimming Program Making Waves for Growing Demand

August 19, 2022 11:13 AM | News

Swimming Pool

A new Winnipeg-based swim program is filling the void left by the Canadian Red Cross to teach swimming lessons and help reduce drownings.

Registration will soon open for the Aqua Essence Swim Academy‘s new swim instruction curriculum.

“Our program sees instructors right in the pool with their students,” said Rishona Hyman, founder of Aqua Essence.

“The old curriculum allowed instructors to become complacent as they stood on the pool deck instead of getting in the water and being more involved. We strongly believe in hands-on instruction. An instructor should bring enthusiasm, and the curriculum and learning methods should bring everything else. We have a full curriculum developed and tested in the pool with people of all ages and abilities.”

The Red Cross will end its swim and lifeguard programs by the end of 2022.

Hyman says with national drowning numbers rising and demand growing for private swim lessons across Canada, it’s now the perfect time to give individuals a better way to learn how to swim.

The curriculum includes lesson plans, safety instruction, educational video resources, illustrations and badges. It focuses on safety, swimming with a hands-on delivery and a strong focus on skill building.

“The program and style of teaching is refreshing. The difference is incredible. The lessons go beyond comfort and competence, they are special and unique. It is a real change to lessons of the past,” added Hyman.

The Aqua Essence Swim Academy is located at 1585-4 Kenaston Boulevard.


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