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Six Grand Prizes in This Year’s HSC Millionaire Lottery

September 8, 2022 10:53 AM | News

Sage Creek Home - HSC Millionaire Lottery

A grand prize Maric Homes property in Sage Creek as part of this year’s HSC Millionaire Lottery.

WINNIPEG — The HSC Millionaire Lottery has returned to make someone Manitoba’s next millionaire while supporting the important work of the Health Sciences Centre Foundation.

This year’s lottery boasts six grand prize options, including a $1.25 million tax-free cash option.

More than 2,000 prizes are to be won, with proceeds going to support advancements in vital medical research, purchase state-of-the-art equipment, and enhance HSC Winnipeg facilities.

“Lottery supporters are integral in making improvements to patient care, as well as facility and equipment upgrades,” said HSC Foundation president and CEO Jonathon Lyon.

“As we focus on Operation Excellence, our largest-ever fundraising campaign, lottery ticket buyers will have a direct role in helping end surgical wait times and refocusing HSC as a surgical centre of excellence and innovation.”

Some of the top prizes include a $1.6 million package featuring a Maric Homes property in Sage Creek, and a $1.5 million package showcasing a Sterling Homes property in Sage Creek.

Other home prizes are located in RidgeWood West, Aurora at North Point and a B.C. ocean cottage on Vancouver Island.

Aside from thousands of prizes, the always-popular 50/50 draw can grow up to $2.5 million, with the winner taking home half.

There are incentives to buying your tickets early to get in on bonus draws, including the fall bonus worth $37,000, if bought before midnight on September 29.

Full lottery details and ticket information can be found by visiting HSCMillionaire.com.