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Winnipeg’s New Highway Welcome Signs Going Up

October 6, 2022 1:23 PM | News

Winnipeg Sign

New signs are being installed to welcome travellers to Winnipeg. (MADDY REICO / EDW)

New welcome signs sporting Winnipeg’s recent rebrand and slogan are going up at entry points across the city.

Economic Development Winnipeg says the “Winnipeg: Made from what’s real” signs are being installed at 10 locations around Winnipeg.

“When we looked at replacing the city signs welcoming people to Winnipeg, we wanted to engage a strong local company that reflects the genuine and creative people who help to drive our economy and our community,” said Dayna Spiring, president and CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg. “SRS is a great example of that and we’re proud to partner with them on these signs.”

The first welcome sign is located at Brookside Boulevard (Route 90 and Farmer Road). The remaining nine signs will be put up by the end of October.

Winnipeg Sign Locations

The new welcome signs are being put up at 10 locations around Winnipeg. (EDW)

SRS Signs is making the new welcome signs and has a track record of creating other noteworthy imagery in promoting the city.

“We’ve had our hand in making two iconic signs so far including the Winnipeg sign at The Forks and the Garbage Hill sign, so it’s amazing to be part of another sign that will be part of the history and evolution of this city,” said Shane Storie, president and owner of SRS Signs & Services.

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