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Funding Boost to Spur Revitalization of Brandon’s Downtown

October 19, 2022 11:32 AM | News

Downtown Brandon


The Manitoba government is contributing $400,000 to spur downtown economic development in Brandon.

Funding for the Brandon Downtown Revitalization Incentive Program is aimed at supporting the post-pandemic rejuvenation of the city’s downtown business community.

“Our city’s downtown area has a critical and unique role in economic and social development,” said Emeka Egeson, executive director, Brandon Downtown Development Corporation. “It continues to create a critical mass where commercial, cultural, and civic activities are concentrated. This concentration facilitates business, learning, and cultural exchange.”

The program was created by the Brandon Downtown Development Corporation, the Brandon Chamber of Commerce and the City of Brandon’s economic development department. Its goal is to specifically address the unique concerns affecting the resurgence of the downtown business community. This includes downtown investment, main floor business incubation and a marketing strategy.

The incentive program will be administered by the Brandon Chamber and will be launched as an open call for grants.

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