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Officers Assaulted, Police Vehicles Damaged at East St. Paul Party

October 31, 2022 3:19 PM | News

East St. Paul Party

A person jumps on the roof of an RCMP vehicle in East St. Paul on Saturday, October 29, 2022. (JORDAN JUTIZ / INSTAGRAM)

An out-of-control Halloween party in East St. Paul over the weekend resulted in Manitoba RCMP officers being outnumbered and assaulted.

Police responded to a report of a large party on Saddleridge Lane at around 10 p.m. Saturday, where they were immediately surrounded by approximately 70 intoxicated youth.

Multiple people jumped on two RCMP vehicles and kicked in one of their windshields. Videos posted to social media show youth swarming the cruisers and cheering as they were damaged.

Police on scene later estimated several hundred people were present and called for backup, which included RCMP officers from Selkirk and Oakbank, as well as Winnipeg police canine units.

RCMP say racial slurs were directed at visible minority officers, while police were also spit on and had fireworks launched at them and their vehicles. Police say most of the attendees were under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

One intoxicated female youth was seen being dragged into a bush by two male youths who attempted to sexually assault her. Both males fled when officers intervened. The female was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

“Some of the youth at this party were in vulnerable states and clearly in danger, yet many in attendance were preventing our officers from doing their jobs. We are very concerned that there may be more victims of crime that night,” said S/Sgt Kyle McFadyen of the Selkirk RCMP. “We are asking anyone who may be a victim or who may have been a witness to a crime to contact us immediately.”

“What occurred on Saturday and what our officers faced is unacceptable. The level of violence and the racist language directed at responding police officers is beyond disturbing. Be assured that we are reviewing video and audio captured by our police vehicles as well as the videos posted to social media. We will hold people accountable for their actions,” said Superintendent John Duff, East District Commander, Manitoba RCMP.

No police officers were injured during the incident.

The homeowner was out of the province during the party and is cooperating with police. The residence and property were significantly damaged, but no dollar figure is available.

Anyone with information or who may have been a victim of a crime that night is asked to contact Red River North RCMP at (204) 482-1222.

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