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Manitoba Motorists Reminded to Check Their Vehicle’s Battery

November 9, 2022 11:24 AM | News

CAA Battery Check

CAA Manitoba recommends checking your vehicle’s battery before temperatures drop for the winter season. (HANDOUT)

As temperatures begin to drop across the province, CAA Manitoba is reminding motorists to check their vehicle’s battery.

The automobile association says battery-related calls were up 27 percent last year to 43,252 service requests compared to 2020.

“Last year was busier than usual for CAA Manitoba for battery calls, thanks in part to a cold winter with higher-than-average snowfall,” said Elisha Dacey, communications manager for CAA Manitoba.

Most vehicle batteries last between three to five years, but extreme temperatures can shorten their lifespan. A fully charged battery can see 30 percent of its power depleted when temperatures fall below freezing.

“It really is best to test before the winter so that you’re not stuck on a frosty morning and unable to drive away from home, or find yourself stranded in a parking lot or on the road,” Dacey says.

CAA Manitoba members receive free, on-the-spot battery testing, delivery and installation in Winnipeg and Brandon.

To avoid a dead battery, CAA recommends replacing the old battery before winter, installing a battery blanket or trickle charger, turning off accessories like the radio and heater when starting, and plugging in your block heater when temperatures dip below -15°C.