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Province Commits $10M to ACC’s Prairie Innovation Centre

January 17, 2023 2:27 PM | News

ACC Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

Assiniboine Community College’s Prairie Innovation Centre. (ASSINIBOINE.NET)

The Manitoba government has committed up to $10 million to the development of the Prairie Innovation Centre at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon.

ACC president Mark Frison says the investment is a significant step forward for the college to help support new programs for labour market development, applied research and industry engagement in the agriculture, environment and processing sectors.

“We have seen great enthusiasm from the community, industry and donors for the project,” Frison said. “It’s great to see Premier Stefanson and the Manitoba government respond in such a significant way by providing up to $10 million to assist the college in moving this project forward to the next stage of development.”


The province says the $10-million commitment will support the initial planning phases, including the exploration of facilities and land development needed to support the design and development of the new centre.

ACC has proposed 16 new or expanded educational programs and supporting infrastructure on its North Hill Campus. The college projects the new centre would increase enrolment by approximately 600 students, to nearly 900 from the current 300.