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Province Subsidizing Lions Place Rent for Two Years

January 27, 2023 6:54 AM | News

Lions Place

Lions Place, 610 Portage Avenue (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is providing $1.2 million in rent subsidies for people living in Lions Place.

Families Minister Rochelle Squires says the subsidies will ensure no current tenant experiences a rent increase or “renoviction.”

“Our government is very committed to ensuring all Manitobans have a safe and affordable place to call home,” Squires said in a statement.

Manitoba Housing is entering into a two-year rent supplement agreement with the new Alberta-based owner, which is in the process of acquiring the 287-unit building.

Squires says the rent supplement provides a top-up between the market rent charged by a landlord and the rent a tenant can afford to pay. It will ensure Lions Place residents don’t see a rent increase for the next two years while a new funding model is being developed.