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Big Chill Downtown: Winter Wanderland Makes the Most of Winter

February 10, 2023 3:00 PM | Entertainment

Ice Sculpture

An ice sculpture in Millennium Library Park as part of Winter Wanderland. (DOWNTOWN WINNIPEG BIZ)

WINNIPEG — Ice sculptures carved by internationally-renowned artists are appearing on downtown Winnipeg streets.

The chilly works of art are part of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s Winter Wanderland event, which aims to promote Winnipeg as a winter city.

The sculptures are located at various points across downtown and encourage people to visit the city’s core. The icy creations can be found at True North Square, Manitoba Hydro Place, Millennium Library Park, Holy Trinity Church and along Graham Avenue.

“Downtown is a place where you experience things you can’t find anywhere else, and Winter Wanderland is no exception,” said Kate Fenske, CEO of Downtown Winnipeg BIZ.

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“We hope to complement the winter activities at The Forks and help kick-off the Winter Cities conference, by giving people more reasons to visit downtown in winter and embrace what makes our city special.”


Slabs of ice were harvested from the Red River and each weighs about 1,000 lbs. The largest sculpture this year is at True North Square, made from 12 ice slabs stacked together and weighs as much as two elephants, say organizers.

Winter Wanderland also features fat bike tours with Kendrick’s Outdoor Adventures, an outdoor party at True North Square, an indoor/outdoor family-friendly story walk at Millennium Library Park and other activities.

“We’re thrilled to bring in artists from around the world to showcase their artistry in downtown Winnipeg,” said Lawrence Bird, Sputnik Architecture. “We have the perfect weather for these beautiful works of art, and by placing them downtown, many people from all backgrounds will be able to enjoy them until they melt.”

For a list of Winter Wanderland programming, visit DowntownWinnipegBIZ.com.

Winter Wanderland

A map outlining where to find the ice sculptures as part of Winter Wanderland. (DOWNTOWN WINNIPEG BIZ)