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VIDEO: Festival du Voyageur Returns for 54th Edition

February 17, 2023 7:00 AM | Entertainment

WINNIPEG — After three years, Festival du Voyageur is finally back in full force beginning this weekend.

Western Canada’s largest outdoor winter festival will kick off its 54th edition tonight. On Thursday, organizers provided a preview of what visitors can expect from February 17-26.


What’s new this year?

  • Indigenous art in the heart of the park: 16 Indigenous artists have created unique works just for Festival as part of an artistic project entitled “Stories Carried by the Smoke.”
  • New snow attraction: “Forêt des neiges” is a creation of four large animal sculptures that participants can climb behind to take unique and fun pictures.
  • New outdoor concert venue: “Terrasse à chansons” is the perfect place to gather, dance and drink delicious Caribou in an ice glass.
  • More artists: More than 200 Manitoban, Canadian and international artists will perform on the stages of Parc du Voyageur and its official sites, making it the most extensive line-up of musical artists ever.
  • More snow sculptors: More than 40 novice and expert sculptors are participating in carving snow blocks as part of the international snow-sculpting symposium.

Tickets are available online at Heho.ca.