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The New Name Considered for Bishop Grandin Boulevard

March 6, 2023 12:42 PM | News

Bishop Grandin Boulevard

Bishop Grandin Boulevard could soon be known as Abinojii Mikanah. (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

WINNIPEG — A recommendation has been made on a new name to replace Bishop Grandin Boulevard and its associated streets.

The city, after consultation with its Indigenous relations division, has forwarded the new names of Bishop Grandin Boulevard, Bishop Grandin Trail, and Grandin Street to the executive policy committee.

The potential new names (with phonetic spelling) include:

  • Bishop Grandin Boulevard to Abinojii Mikanah (A-bin-oh-gee Mee-kin-ah)
  • Bishop Grandin Trail to Awasisak Meskanow (Aa-wa-sis-uk Me-ska-noh)
  • Grandin Street to Taapweewin Way (Tap-way-win)

The new names are a result of the city disassociating itself from Bishop Vital-Justin Grandin, who was tied to residential schools in the 19th century by lobbying the federal government to fund their construction.

However, the name changes will likely be more of a symbolic gesture than practical for Winnipeg motorists and those who travel on the streets. Feedback on social media Monday criticized the names for being difficult to pronounce, with many stating they would continue to use the old names in daily use. Others highlighted the associated city costs of replacing street signs and the burden placed on businesses to change their mailing address to reflect a new street name.

EPC will consider the new names at a meeting on March 13.