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Minor Treatment Clinic to Open at HSC

March 10, 2023 2:49 PM | News

Health Sciences Centre - HSC

Health Sciences Centre (FILE)

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is spending $3 million on a new clinic at Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg.

The investment will establish a new minor treatment clinic at HSC to reduce pressure on the emergency department.

The clinic will be located near the ED and provide care to patients with non-urgent illnesses or injuries. Provincial health officials say the clinic will accept referrals from the emergency department seven days a week, 12 hours a day. It’s anticipated up to 22,000 patients will visit the clinic annually.


“The clinic will offer another option for a population of patients with less urgent concerns who may not have a primary care provider or the ability to travel to another care centre,” said Dr. Manon Pelletier, site medical lead, HSC Winnipeg.

“Emergency department teams will continue to triage and assess patients upon arrival at the emergency department and will identify appropriate patients whose concerns can appropriately be seen in the clinic.”

Shared Health will receive nearly $2.4 million annually from the province for the clinic, including for site renovations, staffing and operating costs, and more than $500,000 for capital renovations and retrofitting the existing area.

Watch Friday’s announcement:

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