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What’s the Worst Road in Manitoba? CAA Wants to Know

March 21, 2023 11:20 AM | News

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Voting is now open in CAA’s annual Worst Roads campaign. (CAA MANITOBA / HANDOUT)

WINNIPEG — Manitoba’s roads have an infamous reputation for being in rough shape, but it’s not just potholes that are the culprit.

The annual CAA Worst Roads campaign launched on Tuesday and is tackling much more than crumbling roadways.

“Potholes make a road bad, however, our Worst Roads campaign is about so much more,” said Tim Scott, president, CAA Manitoba.

The public can vote online for a road based on issues such as a lack of sidewalks and bike paths, congestion, or poor traffic signal timing.

“Fixing potholes and regular road maintenance is important,” says Scott. “No matter how Manitobans use their roads, they should be able to do it safely, meaning we need to consider all road infrastructure and traffic issues.”

Last year, Manitoba drivers selected Provincial Road 307 in Whiteshell Provincial Park as the “worst.” It earned the top spot due to constant winter heaving, poor patching and its tendency to flood nearly every spring.

Data released by CAA Manitoba revealed 82 percent of its members believe not enough is being done to maintain roads in their local area, and 64 percent believe the roads in their area have become worse over time.

The survey also showed that 53 percent of member respondents believe there is a lack of pedestrian access on roads and 57 percent cited that a lack of cycling infrastructure is also a significant concern.

While the annual campaign is an interactive way to gauge public concerns about infrastructure, it also highlights areas where the city and province can invest future dollars. And they have.

An example is Taylor Avenue and Empress Street, which were constant top “winners” in CAA’s annual campaign. In recent years, both streets are no longer on the list and have undergone significant repairs. Saskatchewan Avenue, from Route 90 to Midland Avenue, was voted as No. 2 last year and has also recently been replaced.

Daily voting in the campaign is open to all Manitoba residents.