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Manitoba to Raise Minimum Wage to $15.30 in October

March 22, 2023 9:31 AM | News


Canadian $100 bills are counted in Toronto, Feb. 2, 2016. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graeme Roy)

WINNIPEG — Manitoba will raise the province’s minimum wage to $15.30 an hour on October 1.

Manitoba’s current minimum wage is $13.50 as of October 1, 2022 and will increase again to $14.15 on April 1. A further $1.15 annual increase in the fall projects Manitoba to be top three in provincial minimum wages.

“To balance the financial realities of Manitoba workers and the economic challenges for small businesses, we implemented a phased-in approach that will help more Manitobans get ahead,” said Labour and Immigration Minister Jon Reyes.

Under a subsidy announced by the province last fall, businesses with up to 20 workers can apply for up to 50 cents an hour for each worker earning minimum wage.