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Winnipeg Spring Cleanup Starting Monday

April 21, 2023 1:47 PM | News

Street Sweeper

(Street sweeper image via Shutterstock)

Winnipeg streets will begin to receive some cleanup care on Monday as the city starts its spring cleanup operation.

The city-wide cleanup will span between five to six weeks and include bridges and sidewalks, as well as designated active transportation pathways, boulevards, and medians. Trash and debris in city parks will also be a priority.

The city will utilize more than 300 pieces of equipment and approximately 500 workers during the cleanup.


When a residential street is scheduled for sweeping, residents are urged to find an alternate place to park such as an off-street driveway or parking lot.

Yard waste collection will start the week of May 1 for homes in yard waste collection area “A,” and will begin the week of May 8 for homes in yard waste collection area “B.” Residents can also drop off yard waste for free at one of the City’s 4R Winnipeg Depots. Yard waste is collected at the curb once every two weeks, on the same day as recycling and garbage.