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University of Manitoba Ending Mask Mandate

April 24, 2023 11:52 AM | News

University of Manitoba


WINNIPEG — The University of Manitoba is ending its indoor mask mandate on campus next week.

The university is one of the last institutions in the province to maintain the mask mandate after the province dropped it in March 2022.

Starting May 1, the beginning of the summer term, mask use on both the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses will be encouraged, but not required.

“As we remove the masking mandate, individuals’ risk assessments will vary and I ask everyone in this community to respect the decisions of others,” said Michael Benarroch, president and vice-chancellor, in a statement on Monday.

The U of M will continue to supply masks as the university recommends people use them, especially in indoor spaces that do not allow for distancing.

“Throughout the pandemic, UM has been very mindful of the most vulnerable among us who carried (and continue to carry) more burden than the majority had to,” Benarroch continued.

“This is why we are one of the last institutions in Canada to lift its mask mandate. This mandate helped keep our community safe while vaccines were rolled out, and while hospitals were under the greatest strain.”

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