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Mosquito Larviciding Starts in Winnipeg

May 3, 2023 12:15 PM | News


An adult mosquito is shown in a laboratory of the Middlesex-London Health Unit in Strathroy, Ont., Thursday, May 10, 2007. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Dave Chidley)

WINNIPEG — The first line of defence against those pesky mosquitoes is underway as the city has started its larviciding program.

Crews with the Insect Control Branch will use an environmentally-friendly agent to target more than 28,000 hectares of water, using both ground equipment and four helicopters.

“Below average winter precipitation and a slow spring melt has resulted in favourable conditions to start the mosquito control season,” said David Wade, superintendent of Insect Control.

“The mosquito larviciding program has started, targeting the spring mosquitoes that have begun to hatch in standing water in ditches and low-lying areas.”

Starting Thursday, the city will also begin monitoring adult nuisance mosquitoes in New Jersey light traps. The first data will be published online on May 8.

If mosquito fogging is required later on in the season, Winnipeg residents can apply for a 90-metre buffer zone. Daily public notices will also be issued detailing where treatment will occur that night.