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St. Vital Memorial Park Gets New Basketball Court

May 11, 2023 11:21 AM | News

Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop in a park.

A new basketball park in St. Vital Memorial Park is now open, right next to Glenlawn Collegiate.

The project commemorates Glenlawn Collegiate’s 100th anniversary, says St. Vital Coun. Brian Mayes.

“A few years ago, Principal Dionne Potapinski asked me about adding a basketball court at Glenlawn, and I am delighted to see the City of Winnipeg provide land and funding to make this project happen.”

“The amenities at St. Vital Memorial Park are well-used and a key destination for families and youth in the area.”

“Over the years we have noticed that our youth love to be outside at lunch and when they do not have a class … The outdoor basketball court was the perfect fit to complement the other City of Winnipeg partnerships we have had, including the soccer pitch and the beach volleyball court,” says Glenlawn Collegiate principal Dionne Potapinski.

The court cost $275,000 and construction began last summer. The new asphalt court will get a rubber surface upgrade in June when the weather permits.

— Staff

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