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Travel Manitoba Launches Perogy Trail

May 17, 2023 11:08 AM | News

The Manitoba Perogy Trail Pin. (Travel Manitoba)

Travel Manitoba is launching a new digital passport designed to help you find — and eat — one of the province’s most delicious imported creations.

The Manitoba Perogy Trail connects more than 50 restaurants in Manitoba, all serving up all kinds of sweet and succulent perogies.

To participate, Manitobans can download the trail to their phone, where a map tool helps users find the different restaurants.

By checking in on the trail and making 25 visits to restaurants on the trail, participants can earn a special perogy pin.

Once the Perogy Trail reaches 1,000 collective check-ins, local perogy-maker Perogy Planet will donate $5,000 the Ukrainian Canadian Cultural Centre (Oseredok).

“We launched this digital pass to inspire Manitobans to visit their favourite restaurants or discover new ones while earning fun rewards,” said Cody Chomiak, Travel Manitoba’s Vice-President of Marketing.

“Manitoba is home to a variety of diverse culinary experiences, and top among them is the perogy. The Manitoba Perogy Trail brings together several restaurants serving this culinary dish in one easy-to-use digital pass.”

— Staff