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New Boat Inspection Stations Open in Western Manitoba

June 9, 2023 4:18 PM | News

Zebra Mussels - Boat

A boat washing station in Clear Lake (PARKS CANADA)

Two new boat inspection stations in western Manitoba are opening to catch boaters carrying aquatic invasive species.

The inspection stations near Minnedosa and Ste. Rose du Lac will begin operating this weekend.

“Cleaning, draining, and drying your boat is a responsible practice every boater must follow to protect our ecosystems and maintain recreational opportunities, so we need all Manitobans to do their part to help control the spread of AIS,” said Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister Greg Nesbitt.

Manitoba’s annual watercraft inspection program includes inspection stations at Headingley, Selkirk, Eriksdale, The Pas and Wabowden. An inspection station at Grand Rapids will open in coming weeks.

Failing to stop at a boat inspection station with your watercraft includes a $672 fine. Those who remove a watercraft or water-related equipment from a water body in a control zone and place it into another water body without proper decontamination could face a $2,542 fine.


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