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Manitoba’s First Potash Mine Begins Production

June 10, 2023 8:20 AM | News


Production has begun on the province’s first potash mine in western Manitoba.

The Manitoba government is working with the Potash and Agri Development Corporation of Manitoba (PADCOM) on pilot production. The facility, located in Harrowby, began operating on Friday.

“After years of researching the potential of this resource, we are pleased to get to this historic point of producing the very first potash in Manitoba,” said Daymon Guillas, president, PADCOM. “It will be a catalyst for more economic development in our region and the entire province.”

The site uses an innovative selective solution mining process, which involves injecting heated brine into the ground to dissolve potash and then extract the solution.

PADCOM has already invested more than $12 million in the project, of which Gambler First Nation is a 20 percent equity partner. PADCOM has committed to sharing 11 percent of net profits with local First Nations, Manitoba Métis Federation and other local governments.

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