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Wheels in Motion on New Winnipeg Bike Registry

June 10, 2023 9:00 AM | News

Stolen Bikes

A pile of stolen bicycles is seen in Morris, Manitoba in July 2022 as part of a previous investigation. (RCMP / HANDOUT)

WINNIPEG — The wheels are in motion to revamp the city’s dated bike registry.

Mayor Scott Gillingham will present a motion to the executive policy committee on Monday, June 12 to overhaul the city’s current bike registry.

The city says the changes are targeted towards combating bike theft, enhancing public safety, and promoting sustainable transportation options

“Bike theft is not just a property crime, it’s a barrier to sustainable transportation and a detriment to our residents’ quality of life,” said Gillingham.


“It’s time we make use of available technology and partnerships to implement a robust, free, and effective system to protect our cyclists and their bicycles.”

The motion calls for the city to adopt a new, free-to-use bicycle registry system that is part of a larger multi-jurisdictional network for more effective tracking of stolen bikes within Winnipeg and across Canada.

The changes have the backing of Bike Winnipeg, which says a similar move in Vancouver recently saw bike theft reduced by 42 percent in that city.

As many as 2,000 bikes are reported stolen in Winnipeg each year, with many more going unreported. The recovery rate for stolen bikes in the city is less than 10 percent.