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Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Show is a Planetarium Experience

July 19, 2023 1:44 PM | Entertainment

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

The Manitoba Museum Planetarium is rocking out this summer to mark the 50th anniversary of an iconic Pink Floyd album.

The Dark Side of The Moon was released in March 1973 and the museum is showcasing tracks from the album with the help of modern technology.

“This isn’t the old-style ‘laser show’ of the past,” said Scott Young, planetarium astronomer at the Manitoba Museum. “The show was produced to use the latest digital planetarium system, and Winnipeg is one of only a handful of planetariums in Canada equipped to be able to show it.”

Visitors will experience breathtaking views of the solar system and beyond, played out to 42 minutes of The Dark Side of The Moon.

Each song has a different theme; some futuristically looking forward and some a retro acknowledgment to Pink Floyd’s visual history, all relating to a time and space experience, embracing up-to-the-minute technology that only a planetarium can offer. The show is a truly immersive and all-encompassing sound and visual treat that will transcend reality and take you way beyond the realms of 2D experience.

“The Science Gallery is fun no matter what your age,” added Young. “There are lots of things to explore, and the chance to enjoy science and a glass of wine or beer isn’t usually available.”

Dark Side of the Moon plays at the Manitoba Museum Planetarium for select showings in July and August.