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Manitoba Pork Processing Plant Undergoing Major Expansion

July 24, 2023 2:51 PM | News

Manitoba Pork

WINKLER, Man. — The provincial and federal governments are committing nearly $2.4 million over two years to Manitoba’s pork industry.

The funding, announced on Monday, is part of a $52.8-million capital expansion project at Winkler Meats.

Government funding will go toward new harvesting and processing equipment and a high-capacity packaging line. The expansion is a joint venture between Winkler Meats and Johnsonville Sausage, which sources some of its live sow supply from Western Canada.

“Manitoba’s hog sector is thrilled by this new investment in value-added processing right here at home, a shining example of Manitoba’s protein advantage in action,” said Rick Préjet, chair, Manitoba Pork.

“Fifty-five percent of the jobs in agriculture and agri-food processing rely on the hog sector and its producers. We are excited to build on the over 20,000 Manitobans that rely on our sector for a well-paying job across our province.”

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