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Suspicious Truck Call Yields Drugs, Weapon Charges for Winnipeg Man

August 12, 2023 9:22 AM | News

Suspicious Vehicle

Items found in the centre armrest of a suspicious vehicle in the RM of St. Andrews on Thursday, August 10, 2023. (RCMP HANDOUT)

A Winnipeg man has been charged after RCMP found him asleep in a vehicle parked in the RM of St. Andrews.

Selkirk RCMP received a call about a suspicious pickup truck on Parkdale Road just before 3 a.m. on Thursday. The vehicle had been on the road with its lights on for over an hour.

When officers responded, they noticed the licence place didn’t match the vehicle. Police found a man asleep behind the and he was unable to produce a driver’s licence upon waking up.

Police also spotted drugs on the centre armrest. A further search located cocaine, crystal meth, a crack pipe, a metal spoon with white residue, and a can of bear spray.

The pickup truck was stolen out of Headingley and the suspect was found to have several warrants out for his arrest in Manitoba and Alberta.

Bojan Kosanji, 38, of Winnipeg, has been charged with multiple offences. He remains in custody.

“This is a great example of community working with the police to address public safety concerns,” said staff sergeant Mitch Tkachuk of Selkirk RCMP.

“Although we try, we can’t be everywhere all the time, so having the public alert us to suspicious activity is invaluable, and I offer our particular thanks to the individual who called this incident in.”