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Elderly Grey Wolf Euthanized at Assiniboine Park Zoo

August 25, 2023 9:53 AM | News

Slate - Grey Wolf - Assiniboine Park Zoo Winnipeg

Slate, a grey wolf at Assiniboine Park Zoo, has died. (APC / FACEBOOK)

WINNIPEG — A 14.5-year-old grey wolf has been euthanized at Assiniboine Park Zoo.

Zoo officials on Friday announced the death of Slate, who had been treated for several years for progressive, age-related arthritis.

“Slate was an important member of our wolf pack; despite being the largest, he was the most mellow of the group,” the zoo wrote on social media.

“He was often found snoozing alone in the shade. His favourite type of enrichment was anything that smelled like birds. He loved rubbing his face in substrate that smelled like birds and would smear it all over himself.”

The zoo says Slate was provided pain control and numerous other treatments, but given his advanced age it was determined it was in the animal’s best interest to humanely euthanize him.

Grey wolves can live up to 14 years in the wild, while those in captivity can live up to 16 years.

“While we cannot speculate on the emotions of our wolves, we know his absence is felt among this close pack.”