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Manitoba Liquor Employees Accept Deal to End Strike

August 27, 2023 2:35 PM | News

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WINNIPEG — The liquor will begin flowing again in the province as Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries employees have accepted a deal to end strike action.

Members of the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union had been voting on a tentative agreement since Thursday, which includes wage increases of approximately 12 percent or more over four years.

“We knew a deal was to be had at the bargaining table, and our members proved just that,” said MGEU president Kyle Ross.

“We’d like to thank everyone for their patience, support, and solidarity during this extremely difficult round of bargaining. It is unfortunate that we were forced to take strike action to get the government to listen to us, but our collective efforts have resulted in an agreement that will help us catch up and keep up.”

Workers had been on a rotating strike since July 19, with a total strike that started on August 8.

MGEU says members at the distribution centre will be back to work Sunday evening and all other members should be back on the job as early as Monday. Two stores, Eastwinds in Winnipeg and 10th Street and Victoria Avenue in Brandon, will continue to be exclusive to commercial customers until later this week. Deliveries to commercial partners including private retailers, such as liquor vendors, and licensees, such as bars and restaurants, will begin next week.

“MBLL has not had a strike since the 1970s, so we appreciate that the last 6 weeks may have shaken public confidence in us,” said MBLL president and CEO Gerry Sul.

“Know that we have been planning to begin reintegrating all of our valuable employees immediately, to mobilize full operational activities. Everyone at MBLL remains fully committed to delivering on all expectations of us – for our customers, business partners, and all Manitobans.”

The MGEU represents approximately 1,400 members at MBLL.