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HSC Millionaire Lottery Boasts 7 Grand Prizes

September 7, 2023 10:58 AM | News

HSC Millionaire Lottery

Six homes and $1.25 million cash make up this year’s grand prizes in the HSC Millionaire Lottery. (HSCMILLIONAIRE.COM)

WINNIPEG — Seven grand prizes are up for grabs in this year’s HSC Millionaire Lottery.

The lottery, in support of the Health Centre Sciences Foundation, launched on Thursday, giving ticket-buyers the chance at becoming Manitoba’s next millionaire.

“The HSC Millionaire Lottery symbolizes hope, excitement, and the chance to turn dreams into reality,” said Jonathon Lyon, HSC Foundation president and CEO.

“By purchasing a ticket, Manitobans support strategic investments at HSC in new state-of-the-art facilities and help acquire less-invasive medical equipment that improves patient care and outcomes.”


More than 2,800 prizes can be won, including the enticing grand prizes with a $1.25 million tax-free cash option. Grand prizes include four luxury Winnipeg homes, a cottage on Vancouver Island and a home in B.C.’s Okanagan region.

Proceeds help support advancements in vital medical research, purchase state-of-the-art equipment, and enhance HSC’s facilities.

Early bird tickets come with the incentive of being entered into draws, such as the upcoming fall bonus draw worth $39,000 if purchased by September 28.

Tickets are on sale now through November 16 by visiting hscmillionaire.com.