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Manitoba Tories Promise to Lift PST from Restaurant Meals

September 15, 2023 3:09 PM | News

Tito Boy Restaurant

Tito Boy Restaurant (M-730 St. Anne’s Road) in south Winnipeg. If Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative Party is re-elected, they are pledging to remove the provincial sales tax from restaurant meals. (JESSICA LOSORATA PHOTO / HANDOUT)

Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives would eliminate the provincial sales tax on restaurant meals if re-elected.

The party made the announcement Friday in West St. Paul, saying removing the PST from restaurant meals would make the cost of dining more affordable and “give a much-needed boost in support to the ongoing recovery of the restaurant industry.”

“Eating out occasionally, or ordering in, is something households budget for. But if it’s too costly, it’s one of the first things to be removed from the family budget,” said Richard Perchotte, PC candidate for Selkirk.

“Removing the PST from those quick meals when you’re running the kids around, or wanting a nice evening out, makes a difference.”

In a separate announcement, Manitoba’s New Democrats pledged to speed up the accreditation process for some internationally educated health professionals.

Leader Wab Kinew says if his party wins the Oct. 3 election, it would spend $1 million to create a new government office to help health-care professionals navigate registration. Kinew also pledged another $1 million in financial aid to be set aside for internationally trained workers who may need to take additional courses.

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