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Building a Stronger Manitoba

September 25, 2023 7:00 AM | News

The following is a sponsored advertorial on behalf of Manitoba Pork.

Manitoba Pork

As we head into the provincial election, it’s clear that Manitobans share similar priorities. Manitobans want to live in a province where everyone is welcomed, and families feel safe. A province that provides us with the services and infrastructure necessary to live healthy and productive lives. A province that creates opportunity for all, not just today but also for future generations. Manitobans also want to support sectors that give back to the communities they serve as well as those that create a better quality of life for individuals and families alike.

“I grew up on a hog farm in southern Manitoba, and working in economic development, I have first-hand insight in how the hog sector and the agri-food sector have been the building blocks of the economic success in southeast Manitoba,” said Michelle Bezditny, Director of Economic Development for Steinbach Economic Development. “The hog sector’s positive economic impact in southeast Manitoba and across our province cannot be understated, and we hope that legacy of success can be shared for many years to come.”

Manitoba Pork

Michelle Bezditny, Director of Economic Development for Steinbach Economic Development

Manitoba’s hog sector is an economic powerhouse, supporting rural and urban communities across the province. According to a recent independent economic analysis, the hog sector has shown it punches far above its weight, contributing over $2.3 billion to the provincial GDP each year, which is equivalent to 16 emergency room expansions at St. Boniface Hospital. According to statistics compiled by Economic Development Winnipeg, Manitoba’s hog sector contributes more than two times as much as the provincial aerospace sector to the Manitoba economy, and trails only the transportation, advanced manufacturing, and energy sectors in terms of economic impact.

An incredible 55% of all jobs in agriculture and food manufacturing come from Manitoba’s hog and pork sector. The hog sector directly and indirectly employs over 22,000 Manitobans in well-paid, full-time jobs, which would fill both Canada Life Centre and Shaw Park combined. Since 2017, over 40 new barn sites or expansions have been approved across the province. This recent growth represents over 100 new jobs and $200 million in private investment, further increasing Manitoba’s primary agricultural production.

The contributions from Manitoba’s hog sector to the provincial economy are substantial and help to support public investments in health care, education, and infrastructure. Hog farming and value-added pork processing have supported the growth of small and large urban centres across the province. Winnipeg, Brandon, and Steinbach, Manitoba’s largest cities, are experiencing growth, including new positions created by the expansion of Maple Leaf Foods’ prepared meats plant in Winnipeg, which provides bacon across North America.

Regardless of who Manitobans elect on October 3, we’ll continue to rely on economic horses to pull our social carts. Manitoba’s hog sector stands ready and willing not only to provide the economic tools necessary to build on our province’s success, but also to help meet social needs in our communities for many years to come.

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