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New Intersection Camera Being Tested in West Winnipeg

October 11, 2023 7:23 PM | News

Intersection Camera

A new traffic camera is being tested at the intersection of Portage Avenue and Mount Royal Road. (THROWAWAY3673537 / REDDIT)

Winnipeg police are testing a new intersection camera in the west end of the city that’s been generating plenty of buzz online.

Police say the camera at Portage Avenue and Mount Royal Road is being piloted to review advancements in technology in speed and red light enforcement.

Its location is one of the 49 existing intersection safety camera locations already in operation.


During the 30-day test, no violations will be issued or processed, say police. In addition, no personal information will be retained.

The camera was installed on October 5 at no cost to the police service or city. The system uses video tracking and radar compared to the current cameras that use photographs and loops embedded in the road. It’s also capable of license plate recognition.

The addition of the new camera was recently noticed by residents, with plenty speculating on its purpose on social media.

According to police, the current intersection cameras used for photo enforcement are obsolete. For new camera systems to be permanently installed, the province must make amendments to the Highway Traffic Act’s image-capturing enforcement regulation. There isn’t a timeline for when that legislative change could happen. Incoming premier Wab Kinew and his cabinet are expected to be sworn in next week, and the legislature is expected to sit in November.