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Winnipeg Seeks Feedback on Reduced Residential Speed Limits

October 19, 2023 8:26 AM | News

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The City of Winnipeg is asking the public for their say on a pilot project to reduce residential speed limits.

The city is in the second phase of the one-year project targeting four local neighbourhoods.

In March, the speed limit was reduced from 50 km/h to 30 km/h in Bourkevale and Tyndall Park (South). Similarly, the speed was reduced to 40 km/h in Worthington and Richmond West.

“The pilot will tell us if changing the speed limit changes how fast vehicles actually travel and if lowering the speed limit within a residential area affects neighbourhood livability,” the city said in a release.


“We are now asking pilot area residents about their experiences with the reduced speed limits. We also want to hear from residents in the rest of the city about their thoughts on speed limits and safety”

Two separate surveys are now available online. One of them is specific to residents living in the trialed areas and the other is for residents in the rest of the city.

A series of discussion forums on the topic are planned for early 2024. Feedback received will help the city determine whether to permanently reduce the residential speed limit across Winnipeg.