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Winning Warming Hut Designs Chosen for 2024

November 23, 2023 1:03 PM | News

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WINNIPEG — The winning designs for new warming huts to grace The Forks this winter have been revealed.

Six unique designs will join old favourites on the river trail as part of The Warming Huts v.2024: An Arts + Architecture Competition on Ice.

“At the heart of everything we do here at The Forks is community, and our annual Warming Huts competition is just that,” said Sara Stasiuk, CEO of The Forks North Portage.

“These huts are designed and built by people for people. We put them down on the river trail to be explored, admired, and enjoyed by anyone and everyone.”

This year’s official competition winners include:

  • Murky Waters designed by Christopher Loofs, Jordan Loofs, and Kaci Marshall (Oklahoma City, USA)
  • Spinning Dim Sum by Verena Nelles Kempf (Zurich, Switzerland) and Ilga Nelles (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Sublimation designed by Francisco Silva and Barbara Stallone (Paris, France) and Alexander Pollard (London, England)

This year’s invited artist team will create Circling Above Us, from a father and son team from Peguis First Nation, Wayne and Jordan Stranger.

Elementary students from École St. Avila School will design a hut called Amisk, as this year’s winner, as part of the Manitoba schools competition.

The University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture is also joining the competition this year with Ice Henge, a wintery take on Stonehenge.

Each entry submitted is reviewed anonymously by a jury made up of founding members, community jurors, and a student guest juror.

“Each year, the submissions we receive inspire us, and this year is no different,” says Stasiuk. “This year’s winning huts are all unique, both in design and in materials. Each with its own story to tell.”

Teams will assemble at The Forks in January 2024 to begin their builds before each hut is brought down to the river trail or placed in Arctic Glacier Winter Park along with returning huts from years past.