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Thompson Regional Airport to See $52M Redevelopment

November 28, 2023 8:21 AM | News

Thompson Airport

An artist rendering of the passenger terminal at Thompson Regional Airport. (CNW GROUP / CANADA INFRASTRUCTURE BANK)

A $52 million investment into the Thompson Regional Airport will see the full replacement of the air terminal building.

The Canada Infrastructure Bank and Thompson Regional Airport Authority announced the redevelopment project on Tuesday.

The current Thompson airport, which acts as a hub for those living and working in northern Manitoba and western Nunavut, is sinking into the discontinuous permafrost.

“Northern Manitobans rely on the Thompson Regional Airport to travel to and from the City of Thompson for work, education, shopping, tourism and health care,” said Thompson Mayor Colleen Smook. “This historic investment in important northern infrastructure is great news for the airport, for Thompson and for the north.”

Other upgrades include extending sewer lines from the new terminal to an expanded lagoon, parking lots and service roads, and constructing a new apron and taxiways while expanding the existing apron and related infrastructure.

The project also ensures the airport’s operational safety as well as supporting the region’s critical mineral mining opportunities, and growing cargo and passenger travel needs.

The airport serves as a regional catchment area for 37 northern communities which includes many First Nations — 15 of which are accessible only by air and the ice road — serving a market area population of approximately 65,000 people.