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Klar So Nordic Spa Opens Near Riding Mountain National Park

December 15, 2023 5:00 AM | News

Elkhorn Resort’s new Nordic Spa expected to be major tourist draw

Elkhorn Resort Klar So Nordic Spa

Elkhorn Resort’s Klar So Nordic Spa is now open to the public. (ELKHORNRESORT.MB.CA)

A new Nordic Spa experience just outside of Riding Mountain National Park has opened in time for the holiday season.

Elkhorn Resort’s Klar So Nordic Spa officially opened to guests at Clear Lake on Friday, promising more than 18,000 square feet of hot, cold and temperate pools. Other features include steam saunas, dry saunas, and numerous outdoor relaxation areas.

“We are excited to be opening Klar So in time for the Christmas season so guests coming to the area can experience and appreciate winter in this new, amazing season,” said Chris Phillips, Elkhorn Resort general manager.

“The Nordic Spa will be open 365 days a year and will offer ultimate relaxation in every season combined with the raw nature of Riding Mountain National Park.”

The spa comes after an investment of more than $10 million, which Elkhorn says will boost the local economy by creating jobs and driving increased tourism to the area.

“This is a terrific addition to the attractions in Clear Lake,” added Colin Ferguson, president and CEO of Travel Manitoba. “People love Clear Lake in the summer, and now they’ll have another great reason to visit in the winter also.”

Visitors already family with the Elkhorn Resort will remember the former Solstice Spa, which has now been rebranded under the Klar So Nordic Spa name. The new spa’s location sits where the former indoor pool was once located. The dated swimming area closed many years ago to make way for a world-class waterpark at the opposite end of the resort, which includes a waterslide, children’s obstacle course and both indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

Bookings for the new spa are available by calling the resort or visiting their website.