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HSC Winnipeg Unveils Dedicated Stroke Unit for Manitoba Survivors

December 15, 2023 4:57 PM | News

HSC Winnipeg - Notre Dame Avenue

The new acute stroke unit will be located in HSC Winnipeg’s former women’s hospital building at 735 Notre Dame Avenue. (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg is preparing to launch a specialized acute stroke unit next week in the former women’s hospital.

Scheduled to open at 735 Notre Dame Avenue, the newly renovated unit will feature 12 beds in single-room layouts on the fourth and fifth floors. The facility is strategically equipped to provide specialized early-stage physiotherapy in a dedicated space, ensuring stroke survivors receive comprehensive care from the onset.

“Manitobans deserve leading-edge medical care services that improve patient outcomes and speed up recovery times,” said Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care Minister Uzoma Asagwara on Friday.

“The opening of the new stroke unit at HSC will meet that expectation, providing Manitoba stroke patients with treatment, management and rehabilitation beginning in the days immediately following a stroke, highly specialized care that will help them in their recovery journey and improve quality of life.”

The acute stroke unit seeks to improve patient care by eliminating the previous limitations in accessing a complete spectrum of therapies during hospitalization. Previously, stroke patients had access to only two out of three standard therapies. The new unit, which is approximately 18,400 sq.-ft. in size, aims to bridge this gap, offering a broader range of treatments and therapies to enhance patient recovery.

As part of its growth strategy, the unit plans to expand its initial capacity to accommodate 28 beds in the coming months. To meet the increasing demand for advanced stroke care, additional staff recruitment is already underway, ensuring that the unit remains well-equipped to cater to the evolving needs of Manitoba’s stroke survivor community.

Approximately 3,500 strokes occur in Manitoba each year.