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Winnipeg Airport Opens Cell Phone Lot Waiting Area

February 2, 2024 3:22 PM | News

Winnipeg Airport Cell Phone Lot

A new cell phone parking lot has opened at Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport. (WAA / FACEBOOK)

WINNIPEG — There’s a new dedicated staging area when waiting to pick someone up from James Richardson International Airport.

Winnipeg Airports Authority announced Friday that there is now a complimentary cell phone lot to make it easier when picking up family and friends at the airport.

“When your passenger is ready to be picked up, have them call or message you from one of the numbered pillars in the Arrivals Curb area so you can quickly locate one another,” WAA said in a social media post.

The cell phone lot is located east of the terminal on Wellington Avenue. Signage will guide drivers to turn right as they approach the airport campus.

The lot will prove useful for those preferring not to wait in the nearby 7-Eleven parking lot or continuously drive loops around the airport waiting for their passenger to arrive.